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Danmarks Ambassade, Serbien

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Tel: +381 11 36 79 503


Det danske konsulat i Podgorica
Det danske konsulat i Sarajevo
Det danske konsulat i Skopje  

Denmark in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Denmark does not have an embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Instead you can contact the Embassy of Denmark in Serbia (see contact information to the left). The Danish Embassy in Belgrade is responsible for consular issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina in close cooperation with the honorary consulate in Sarajevo.

The consulate in Sarajevo processes citizen inquiries and provides emergency consular assistance to Danes in distress. Outside opening hours you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Global Emergency Center, which is open 24/7. Phone:+ 45 33 92 11 12. E-mail: BBB@um.dk.  

Application for passport:

Applications for emergency passport (provisional passport), extension of passport or passport for children below the age of 12 can be submitted to the consulate in Sarajevo. It is recommended that you make an appointment before the submission of the passport application.

Applications for Danish passport for people aged 12 or older can after the June 30th 2014 be submitted in person to the nearest Danish mission with biometric devices - for instance the Danish Embassy in Belgrade. The applicant must book a time for the submission of application. Applicants are kindly asked to seek further information on the relevant embassy's website, and possibly contact the embassy to clarify the requirements for documents and attachments in relation to the application. 

A list of embassies that are able to issue biometric passports with fingerprints can be found here. Another option is to continue to apply for passports during a stay in Denmark.

Application for visa/residence permit:

People who want to apply for visa, residence permit/family reunification and re-entry permit as well as other applications for residence permit are referred to the other Danish missions in the region, where such cases can be proceeded - for instance the Danish Embassy in Belgrade

Applicants are kindly asked to seek further information on the aforementioned Embassy's website. Furthermore, English speakers are referred to information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Please notice that you should make an appointment before the submission of the application.   

I addition, the consulate can proceed maritime inquires.

A list of consular service fees in 2015 can be found here.

Registration on the Danes Abroad List:

All Danes who travel to or live in Bosnia and Herzegovina - no matter the length of the stay - are advised to register on the Danes Abroad List in order to be within reach in case of an emergency situation. Register on the Danes Abroad list here

The Royal Danish Consulate in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Consul: Mirza Durmiševic

Royal Danish Consulate
Kasindolska 33,
71000 Sarajevo

Phone: +387 33 781 700
Fax: +387 33 781 701 
E-mail: consulate.sarajevo@proma.ba

Opening hours: Monday - Friday (9.00 a.m. - 12.00 noon)

Language: Danish, English, Bosnian.


Citizen inquires and consular services by agreement.